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Whad’ya Know ChanukahMas Party and Potluck, December 15

November 6, 2018

Sure, there’ll be eggnog. And, yes, a cascade of delicious homemade dishes being passed.

All Holiday parties have that.

But only the Whad’ya Know ChanukahMas Party & Potluck–Saturday, December 15, 10 am to ???–

will showcase the absolutely best performance of “Have Nagila” by persons not of the Chanukah

persuasion–John Sieger & John Parrott–ever:


So, come all ye faithful to A House of A Guy’s Own, 1215 Drake St, Madison, at 10 am on December

15 with any hot dish other than a green been casserole (mine!) and be prepared to get slogged &




And, don’t forget, no one looks more like Santa without trying than our own Lyle Anderson












Eureka! Whad’ya Know Gold now on iTunes!

December 11, 2017

Eureka I say! Whad’ya Know Gold now on iTunes–Vonnegut, Eric Idle, Studs Terkel, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Michael Perry, Ricky Gervais, David Foster Wallace and much, much more! All under the big umbrella of Whad’ya Know Podcast on iTunes!


Whad’ya Know, July 4, 1998 in Washington, DC!

July 8, 2017

Sorry to be a bit late on the upswing getting this up, but here it is in all its glory, Whad’ya Know on the National Mall, during Wisconsin Week, July 4, 1998!

The planets were aligned, despite the undercooked bratwurst I consumed from WI booth volunteer grillers who had never seen one before, and which set my departure date back home by 2 days.

Tommy Thompson (now there was a Republican governor) was supposed to join us for the show, but his pack of Harley Hogs must have stopped at a few too many roadhouses on the way in from Wisconsin.

The heart-stopping fireworks over the Washington Monument ruined me for pyrotechnics for all time, but it was truly memorable, despite Neil Diamond’s Coming to America, and great fun with the Whad’ya Know clan.


A Walk in the Park with Dad on Call Me Maybe Not 6-22-17

June 22, 2017

                    Anything Can’t Happen Thursday brings A Walk in the Park with Dad, featuring Bella Feldpoodle and Michael Feldman to the always puzzling goings-on at the Facebook Live sensation–maybe that’s too strong–Call Me Maybe Not, brought to you by the good folk at Whad’ya Know Podcast.

It’s more than a man walking his dog, or a dog walking his man. It’s inter-species co-dependence, and that’s a beautiful thing.  Call Me Maybe Not airs on the side of Live on Tuesdays & Thursdays at noon CDT on Michael Feldman’s Facebook page, and should take about 37 minutes of your lunch break.

You can call in for a chance at the Whad’ya Know One-fer Quiz. Also it’s on the Whad’ya Know Podcast mantle on iTunes. You can run but you cannot hide from Call Me Maybe Not.

Call Me Maybe Not–because you just have to go back to work.

Michael on Jay Thurber Show WRCT Pittsburgh

June 5, 2017

The already legendary Jay Thurber of WRCT Pittsburgh interview of Michael Feldman featuring 3 songs Michael played on his 1965 guest DJ gig on WOKY in Milwaukee.*

*Advisory: “Louie, Louie” is one of the songs.

Whad’ya Know Archivists: Welcome to 1997!

May 1, 2017

Whad’Yo Y’all! 1997 was a very good year–David Foster Wallace on 4-5, the infamous Donutgate on 7-26, Dave Alvin in Pasadena on 12-6 and y’all throughout the year! There are 7 or 8 shows missing from my otherwise flawless cassette collection so if you have a tape (and can digitalize it) please send it my way- -and I’ll include it. BTW this goes for all other glaring holes you see in the WYK fossil record. Thanks!

Let My Whad’ya Know Go! Whad’ya Know Goes Archival!

April 21, 2017

OK, maybe it’s not all thousand some and change, but we’re well into 1997 on the Whad’ya Know Archives, so you’re invited ….. cue young Michael …..

to catch the first these ‘comedy quiz’ shows and a couple more years worth of the ’85-’88 shows so far, with more coming daily.

Whad’ya Know?–it’s the Latest Thing!

The Whad’ya Know Archive

(Where you’ll also find links to all your Whad’ya Know needs, podcasts/blogs/FB past, present & future!)

Elaine Johnson’s Door County Expose & No Name String Band on WYK

March 27, 2017

This Saturday, April 1 (no foolin’) on Whad’ya Know @ High Noon

Elaine Johnson tears the cover off her Sister Bay expose “Stories From Yesterday,”

and we’ll be barn dancing in the old saloon with the hard-driving No Name String Band!

Whad’ya Know @ High Noon Saloon, 701 E Washington, Madison, Sat April 1 at noon!

But wait there’s more: here’s Elaine Johnson’s audition tape!

Money Talks Bullsh*t Walks Only on Whad’ya Know on iTunes

March 27, 2017

Because it’s Whad’ya Know, that’s why. On iTunes.

Still No. 3 from “Whad’ya Do Now?” March 30, Barrymore, Madison

March 22, 2017


Mike at Crystal Corner explains he listened to Michael for 30 years “and he never made any sense,” from the Feldman biopic “Whad’ya Do Now?” opening the Wisconsin Film Festival, March 30, Barrymore Theater, Madison.