Let My Whad’ya Know Go! Whad’ya Know Goes Archival!

OK, maybe it’s not all thousand some and change, but we’re well into 1997 on the Whad’ya Know Archives, so you’re invited ….. cue young Michael …..

to catch the first these ‘comedy quiz’ shows and a couple more years worth of the ’85-’88 shows so far, with more coming daily.

Whad’ya Know?–it’s the Latest Thing!

The Whad’ya Know Archive


(Where you’ll also find links to all your Whad’ya Know needs, podcasts/blogs/FB past, present & future!)

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  1. Kris Pagenkopf Says:

    Correction to website address: http://www.whadyaknow.net (you placed a “space” btwn “www.” and “whadyaknow”. Great to have the archive!


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