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John Sieger to Semi-Twang High Noon Saloon–Whad’ya Know?

May 11, 2017

Salty Tears

Spoiler! Don’t come to Whad’ya Know at the High Noon (at high noon) on May 20 expecting John Sieger to look like this deer in the headlights hair in the face young fellow of “Salty Tears’ (with lyrics  by Michael Feldman) fame, but let me ask you this, do you like those little Burberry derbies like Elvis Costello is now forced to wear? Well, OK then.

John and Semi-Twang will be joining us for our last show at the High Noon! <emoticon>

Gonna be a rocker, with all the usual quizzes, interviews, news that isn’t , John T & Jeff H jazz duet, a lot of drinking–heck, what could go wrong!

Come on down, Sat May 20, High Noon Saloon, 701 E Wash, Madison, child and adult friendly!

See you there!



Like Donald Trump Always Said

May 11, 2017

Like Donald Trump Always Said


–“Got to Prime the Pump,” used in the scatological sense

–“Go North, Go South, Go East, Go West, Young Man”

— Using FBI to mean “Federal Body Inspector”

— Frequent “Kish mir in tuchas!” exclamations because “most people don’t get it means kiss my ass!”

–“Kiss my ass!” because not everybody’s Jewish

–“Cock holster” used long before and much better than the unfunny troll-like Colbert

–Claims first use of “on fleek” in his unverified “This administration is on fleek”

–No longer uses “When in doubt, win the trick,” after it was pointed out that, when Hoyle came up with it in 1756, he was referring to whist.

–Did appear to at least paraphrase Joseph Stalin when he said “How many divisions has the Pope got?”

–Never said–never said it– that when he writes his autobiography it will be called “Mein Trumpf”

–Says JJ Evans stole “Dy-no-MITE,” a Trump toilet cheer from back in Queens, from him; JJ Evans is actually the character Jimmie Walker, whose catch phrase it was, played on Good Times

–“Nobody builds greater walls than me” has not been claimed by anyone else, not even Poseidon who, after The King of Troy stiffed him for his work, never mentioned his magnificent Walls of Troy.

Good as Gold Non-Pre-Existing Conditions

May 9, 2017

Good as Gold Non-Pre-existing Conditions


  1. Hemorrhoids (first occurrence)
  2. Sucker punch received, unless you’re just the sucker punch type
  3. Walking through new patio door you forgot to put a sticker on
  4. Intro to Zumba injury
  5. Meteor strike (direct hit)
  6. Foul ball to the head at Cubs game while interfering with outfielder on crucial play of playoff game
  7. Cold and hot flashes—hot and cold flashes are not covered
  8. A certified rare disease, unlikely condition, or don’t know what’s wrong with you but it looks pretty bad
  9. Near death experience if you can produce a souvenir from Heaven or Hell or a postcard from Purgatory
  10. Lady problems if it’s your first time as a lady.

Ten ‘100 Days’ That Aren’t Ridiculous

May 3, 2017


Ten 100 Days That Aren’t ‘Ridiculous’

  1. Porcupine gestation period
  2. Napoleon’s last battle at Waterloo, 1815
  3. Growing season in Manitoba
  4. Grizzly hibernation
  5. To make Singaporean Mandopop Singer-Songwriter JJ Lin’s 7th Mandarin studio album
  6. Pertussis, aka ‘100 Days Cough’
  7. Final WWI offensive when Canadian troops broke through the Hindenburg Line
  8. For the body to replace fingernail or toenail
  9. Qing Dynasty reform movement of 1898 to end in a coup d’état
  10. For the Earth to fall into the Sun should it leave orbit




Latest Whad’ya Know Podcast: ‘Thought it would be easier’ is Up!

May 2, 2017

‘Thought it would be easier’ the latest Whad’ya Know Podcast is easy to get from iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play or SoundCloud. It’s Whad’ya Know–on a Podcast!

Whad’ya Know Archivists: Welcome to 1997!

May 1, 2017

Whad’Yo Y’all! 1997 was a very good year–David Foster Wallace on 4-5, the infamous Donutgate on 7-26, Dave Alvin in Pasadena on 12-6 and y’all throughout the year! There are 7 or 8 shows missing from my otherwise flawless cassette collection so if you have a tape (and can digitalize it) please send it my way- -and I’ll include it. BTW this goes for all other glaring holes you see in the WYK fossil record. Thanks!

Michael Feldman on the Upcoming Whad’ya Know Ice Tour

April 26, 2017

Our own Michael Feldman outlines the upcoming Whad’ya Know Ice Tour and walking your dog when it’s raining cats and dogs.