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Shahlom y’all–Michael asked me to keep up with the content until he’s back in 2 days in 3 hours after being raided by the Federal Bureau of Twitter (another Musk innovation) so here it is–still getting used to just saying anything when something pops up whether you know or care about it but Michael tells me you get used to it–Shalom, which also means Bye y’all (and Peace y’all!)–

Rabbi Twitski Content

The FBI was actually looking for a Melania for illegal entry both her and her parents

Surprised the GOP is coming to Milwaukee after Teddy Roosevelt’s experience here

flying those F-35s over Madison just to soften us up on election day

Don’t see many screw off top beer bottles since  I bought an empty six pack that one time

noticed no Kim Jong-un love letter fragments in Trumps toilet

a little alarming Maggie Haberman had access to Trump’s toilet

Discovered fragments of the Constitution in Trump’s toilet

voting now open: what should DT pull over his head on his perp walk?

raided MTG’s double-wide seized all her drums of testosterone

FBI raided Rachel Madoff’s house and they’re still listening to her lengthy examination of the events that led up to it

Trump swastika flags at half-staff

They raided Nancy Pelosi’s house and seized her Bracelets of Victory

They raided Tucker Carlson’s house and found him shitting himself

FBI raided giuliani’s house found him hanging from the ceiling by his feet wings still folded

FBI raided Kid Rock’s house and found no evidence of rock and roll

FBI raided my house and left after fluffing the pillows

nude pictures of Lara Trump with “others” is what I heard

The center of the GOP coalition believes Jewish lizard people are going to make us all trans antifa socialist vegans or some such nonsense. -well, yes, that is true of the lizard Jews but there’s only a few of them left

Aaron Rodgers Talks Gratitude, Reconciliation and Bullshit

Gigantic Crowds Clamor to Get Aboard NASA’s Mega Rocket

Humanized Yeast: Scientists Create Yeast With Important Human Genes-

-eh I don’t feel like rising-

anxious to see the Alex Jones sometimes I hate myself texts

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