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A Walk in the Park with Dad on Call Me Maybe Not 6-22-17

June 22, 2017

                    Anything Can’t Happen Thursday brings A Walk in the Park with Dad, featuring Bella Feldpoodle and Michael Feldman to the always puzzling goings-on at the Facebook Live sensation–maybe that’s too strong–Call Me Maybe Not, brought to you by the good folk at Whad’ya Know Podcast.

It’s more than a man walking his dog, or a dog walking his man. It’s inter-species co-dependence, and that’s a beautiful thing.  Call Me Maybe Not airs on the side of Live on Tuesdays & Thursdays at noon CDT on Michael Feldman’s Facebook page, and should take about 37 minutes of your lunch break.

You can call in for a chance at the Whad’ya Know One-fer Quiz. Also it’s on the Whad’ya Know Podcast mantle on iTunes. You can run but you cannot hide from Call Me Maybe Not.

Call Me Maybe Not–because you just have to go back to work.

Michael Feldman on Jay Thurber Show this Saturday

June 2, 2017

Tomorrow Sat June 3: of is my guest for the entire 1 p.m. EDT hour. Listen live at or WMCK FM

Little Hands Make Vain Pretense

June 1, 2017


All in the golden afternoon
Full leisurely we glide;
For both our oars, with little skill,
By little arms are plied,
While little hands make vain pretense
Our wanderings to guide—


Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Blending into the Curtains! Whad’ya Know!

May 23, 2017

“Blending into the curtains,” the thinly veiled reference to what former FBI director James Comey had to do to escape the grabs of the Donald is the latest Whad’ya Know Podcast–

and introduces Sheila Shigley, most vigorously, on spoken word & Irish song!

More You Gotta Hear This from the Whad’ya Know Podcast–on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and possibly your teeth!

In These Trumpled Times

February 28, 2017

Photo post by @myfeldman.

Source: In These Trumpled Times

Whad’ya New! Saison Le Printemps 2017!

January 3, 2017


Terranauts! Live Off Earth in the WYK Bio-Dome!

November 12, 2016

Morning, Whad’yaNauts! Thinking of going Terranaut and living in a state of the art Terrarium about now? Don’t miss my interview with TC Boyle whose manifesto The Terranauts shows you how!

Come on down to the High Noon Bio-Dome Saloon at noon today and find out how you can live off-planet!
Already are? Watch it happen on youtube/user/whadyatube!
Whad’ya Know–much more convenient than Mars!

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Vue générale