Profile in Courage (2)

Profile in Courage (2)

          In his defense, although he wanted to, President Trump did not march down and break into the Capitol with them, he merely kept an eye on justice being served with burgers and Cokes on the giant flat screen where Washington crossing the Delaware used to be.

Now in a place of honor in the Mar-a-Lago lobby.

Anyway, there’s not a Trump judge anywhere who would convict him on that.

The Trump defense in a nutsell: Inaction is not Action.

You can not commit an inaction. Try it. See?

True, he didn’t lift a finger to stop it but, hey, he was jockeying his attention between the peaceful and patriotic capitol march and the Sentry PGA Tournament at the Plantation Course on Maui, which should’ve been at Bedminster, his course in New Jersey.

That’s what the so called missing phone calls were all about– the slight to Bedminster and to New Jersey–he was still on the phone for a week after Jan 6 until his ears was hot–and he was on speaker dealing with that miscarriage of justice.

Nothing has been more misinterpreted than “Be there, will be wild,” is just something very Trump Presidential he told all Americans (of a certain persuasion) about this upcoming watershed moment in American history.

Had Nixon said “be there, will be wild” about Woodstock the crowds would have been even larger and his legacy would’ve been assured.

Trump was spot on when he told the huge crowd, twice the crowd MLK had  around the reflecting pool,  “Republicans are always fighting like a boxer with his hands tied behind his back.”  Ok, should’ve been like boxer(s) but the fact is that’s true–that’s why the seats had been empty at Republican boxing matches before Trump–who wants to see a no punches thrown boxing match?

Sonny Liston was a Republican fighter. Went down in the first.

Nobody, nobody, ever, ever, mentions that it was President Trump who said “we want to be so respectful of everybody, including bad people.”

Surpasses anything Martin Luther King said, who never, ever, said to be respectful of bad people. Au contraire.

Respectuful of everybody including bad people is the title of President Trump’s campaign book for 2024, Profiles in Carnage, er, Courage 2 which author Ted Cruz says will be out by the November elections–and remember, Ted Cruz’s mother was close to JFK. Very.

Furthermore, it’s just common sense to know you can’t take bake anything that’s been taking from you with weakness.

That’s way there’s nothing remotely inciting, exciting yes, about President Trump’s profound “You’ll never take back our country with weakness.”

It means be strong in your faith of doing what’s only right, it doesn’t mean shit on Pelosi’s desk, perhaps, or hang Mike Pence.

I mean who hasn’t wanted to hang Mike Pence–it’s pretty much of everybody’s

reaction to Pence. I mean he calls his wife Mother. Don’t want to know why.

Doesn’t mean you’ll actually lynch him. I mean that noose they kept on showing on a flimsy 2 by 4 (quote) gallows (unquote) would never hold him. Let along Mother.

Not to put too fine a point on it, I mean even with Mussolini–a much heavier guy than Pence–they had to hang him from a gas station sign (upside down–Sicilian thing I guess) and those signs are built to last.

You still see standing Cities Service and Sinclair signs around–love that Dinosaur one.

Never mentioned, ever, by Trump-haters, is all the overarching kindness and caring the beautiful and historic throng showed one another–the helping through smashed windows, the defensive use of bear spray to free fallen comrades, the reusing of found materials for self -defense protection against armed federales.

This was, truly, Woodstock for Patriots.

What’s the so-called worst thing that the president said to his minions? —

Speaking of the brave senators and congressmen and women–note–

 “. . . maybe we will not be cheering on some of them“–but why would you cheer anybody on, anywhere, for not being brave?

Yes, in one of his many phone calls to Mike Pence inveighing him to “do the right thing”–which we’ve all been inveighed to do — he told him, just to make it easier for Mike to do the right thing  “Mike, that doesn’t take courage. What takes courage is to do nothing. That takes courage.”

Just the courage, I might add although the president, himself, would never, that profile in courage that number 45 and 47 , our President Almighty, Donald J Trump showed the nation in Doing Nothing.Thank you–and God Bless the United States of Trump

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