Everything is Wrong/Nothing is Right

I’m Torn between Everything is Wrong and  Nothing is Right.

Everything is Wrong can be accused of overstatement,

While Nothing is Right is more of a point of view

and everybody’s entitled to their point of view.

Everything is Wrong can be proven wrong by something- anything– going right.

while Nothing is Right may just be feelings, nothing more than feelings.

 Everything is Wrong cries out ‘make something right!‘,

whereas with nothing being right there’s nothing to be done.

Everything is Wrong suffers from the inference that once upon a time,

                      some-thing or -things was or were Right,

All you can infer from positing Nothing is Right is somebody’s depressed, a medical condition, and therefore, neither right nor wrong nor, with that                                                                                                   attitude, mister, treatable.

Paradoxes abound on both sides of the divide: If Everything is wrong you are, so, advantage Nothing is Right where you’re right even though wrong.

Upon casual dissection both Wrong and Right are found to suffer from their Talmudic, Greek and Gospel implications and limitations which ignore scores of other cultures’ philosophies, superstitions and prejudices even as the terms Everything and Nothing swing from mood and time of day–

Leaving you torn between Everything is Wrong and Nothing is Right.

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