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Whad’ya Know Podcast Marches on in March

February 16, 2017



March is the (next) month to catch a Whad’ya Know ‘cast at the High Noon at high noon, namely March 11 and 25.

Here’s our own Michael Feldman captured in his inside out white tee (“the seams irritate me,”he explains) with all you need to know had you been paying attention.

Michael wants you to know, btw, this is the best picture he’s ever taken. Of him.

J Hardin on Whad’ya Know @ High Noon Feb 4

January 30, 2017


You’re probably familiar with the Sklar Brothers, our other guests on Whad’ya Know @ High Noon on February 4, but if you’ve never heard J Hardin, my-oh-my  you’re in for a treat! Come on down and feel it!

From the Home Office Michael Feldman Being Patreonizing

December 20, 2016

Podcasts are not all glamor. In fact if there is any glamor it isn’t coming from me.

Of course, I’m not in it for the glamor. Or the grammar, which, despite being a former English teacher, I have me some trouble with.

If you haven’t heard it yet, you will be surprised to hear how much the Whad’ya Know podcast sounds like your father’s Whad’ya Know, but, did you know, that takes a lot of skills that I cannot honestly claim to have– putting it together, getting the money to do it, getting John, Jeff, Stephanie & Lyle to sign on & keeping them happy, so, HR, promotion and distribution, combing and spinning, and several others I don’t even have a name for. One thing I will not do is fracking. Thank you.

No rest for the wicked, as Mom used to say, but I’m not complaining, but, I am cajoling, because it’s one of my many duties. If you listen to the Whad’ya Know Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play and think, “hmm, not too bad,” if you could see a place for it in your podcast line-up, you could, for as little as $3 US, subscribe at, Patreon being a wonderful service for funding all sorts of creative enterprises.

And now, in lieu of those poor caged dogs, Michael Feldman


Whad’ya Know Podcast Patreon Subscription: The Perfect Koozie Stuffer

December 20, 2016

m-koozie    The Whad’Ya Know Podcast on iTunes makes the perfect koozie stuffer for the New Year with as little as a $3 subscription on Patreon- —-

But, don’t take my word for it–take Grammy winner Upland Stories recording artist Robbie Fulks’–word for it:

Come become Whad’ya Know on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play, and if you like what you hear, subscribe for

as little as $3–that’s Not Much, You?

Thank you so much–

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah and all the best in the New Year!


Whad’ya Know Podcast Hard Sell

December 10, 2016



Remember learning experiences? Hi, I’m Michael Feldman of the Whad’ya Know Podcast.

Used to have learning experiences all the time, right, some of which you didn’t need to learn.

But, it was an experience.

Podcasting is like that, both the act of committing one, and the figuring out how the heck you get one.

Now, our kids think nothing of it. Or much else. Certainly mine don’t think about me as much as they could.

But all this Podcasting business for them is second nature, while, for us, in my mother’s words, “it’s a whole to-do.”

Please listen to this public service message which can help you join the wonderful world of content piped directly into your head through the magic of the Podcast, and, particularly, the Whad’ya Know Podcast.

Pod Much, You?

Just the thing for a Saturday morning: Refiredment, WYK podcast #1

December 9, 2016



Just the thing for a Saturday morning–‘Refiredment,’ Whad’ya Know Podcast #1–

also available on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play at your convenience!

Tickets going like hotcakes* for Dec 17 Holiday Party & Potluck–get yours at

Happy Happy! See you there!

*and who brings hotcakes to a potluck?

Grammy Nominee Robbie Fulks on Whad’ya Know on iTunes

December 6, 2016

Grammy nominee for Best Album, Upland Stories, and best song, Alabama at Night won the day at Whad’ya Know with America is a Hard Religion–hear his whole set on WYK podcast on iTunes–

Congratulations Robbie! Long overdue!