John Sieger to Semi-Twang High Noon Saloon–Whad’ya Know?

Salty Tears

Spoiler! Don’t come to Whad’ya Know at the High Noon (at high noon) on May 20 expecting John Sieger to look like this deer in the headlights hair in the face young fellow of “Salty Tears’ (with lyrics  by Michael Feldman) fame, but let me ask you this, do you like those little Burberry derbies like Elvis Costello is now forced to wear? Well, OK then.

John and Semi-Twang will be joining us for our last show at the High Noon! <emoticon>

Gonna be a rocker, with all the usual quizzes, interviews, news that isn’t , John T & Jeff H jazz duet, a lot of drinking–heck, what could go wrong!

Come on down, Sat May 20, High Noon Saloon, 701 E Wash, Madison, child and adult friendly!

See you there!



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One Comment on “John Sieger to Semi-Twang High Noon Saloon–Whad’ya Know?”

  1. eli Says:

    Wait! What? Are you moving to bigger better quarters? Did I miss a notification? Do I need to up my monthly to you?
    I look good in the “T”shirt, but you shoulda let your dog impart more snifinfo for my dog to enjoy. Be well, eat cake, Eli (((eli’s dog,farf)))


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