Like Donald Trump Always Said

Like Donald Trump Always Said


–“Got to Prime the Pump,” used in the scatological sense

–“Go North, Go South, Go East, Go West, Young Man”

— Using FBI to mean “Federal Body Inspector”

— Frequent “Kish mir in tuchas!” exclamations because “most people don’t get it means kiss my ass!”

–“Kiss my ass!” because not everybody’s Jewish

–“Cock holster” used long before and much better than the unfunny troll-like Colbert

–Claims first use of “on fleek” in his unverified “This administration is on fleek”

–No longer uses “When in doubt, win the trick,” after it was pointed out that, when Hoyle came up with it in 1756, he was referring to whist.

–Did appear to at least paraphrase Joseph Stalin when he said “How many divisions has the Pope got?”

–Never said–never said it– that when he writes his autobiography it will be called “Mein Trumpf”

–Says JJ Evans stole “Dy-no-MITE,” a Trump toilet cheer from back in Queens, from him; JJ Evans is actually the character Jimmie Walker, whose catch phrase it was, played on Good Times

–“Nobody builds greater walls than me” has not been claimed by anyone else, not even Poseidon who, after The King of Troy stiffed him for his work, never mentioned his magnificent Walls of Troy.

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