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Whad’ya Know Podcast Marches on in March

February 16, 2017



March is the (next) month to catch a Whad’ya Know ‘cast at the High Noon at high noon, namely March 11 and 25.

Here’s our own Michael Feldman captured in his inside out white tee (“the seams irritate me,”he explains) with all you need to know had you been paying attention.

Michael wants you to know, btw, this is the best picture he’s ever taken. Of him.

Last 2 Whad’ya Know @ High Noon for 2016!

November 29, 2016


Robbie Fulks on Whad’ya Know @ High Noon Sat Dec 3

November 28, 2016


All right, here’s why, if you need a reason to see Robbie Fulks on Whad’ya Know at the High Noon on Saturday, December 3, I don’t mean the above picture, yes the rugged good looks make for a surprisingly handsome man, I mean the song America is a Difficult Religion from Robbie’s new one on Bloodshot Records, Upland Stories:


Now don’t you feel a little silly you haven’t got your ticket yet for Robbie Fulks on Whad’ya Know @ High Noon at http:  // ?

You can come to the door as well–it’s located at the tops of the steps at 701 E Washington Ave, Madison.

Not just the voice, not just the songs, not just what he does to that guitar, not just the height of the man–

Just Robbie Fulks!

WYK at High Noon Saloon 11-10-16 End Those Post Mortem Political Blues!

November 10, 2016

Get over those post mortem political blues this Saturday at the High Noon Saloon (at noon) for TC Boyle (The Terranauts) and the mad as hell Mort, Andy Kindler, plus jazz from John Thulin & Jeff Hamann, most definitely from Stephanie Lee, and me, Michael–Whad’ya Know! Come on down!


On Whad’ya Know at High Noon Oct 29: The Getaway Drivers

October 20, 2016



Whad’ya Know @ High Noon for September

August 25, 2016

wyk_logo_high_noon2-02Whad’ya Know Live @High Noon

Same Cast, Same Quiz, Some Fun!

Saturday, Sept 3 w/ The Jimmy’s

Saturday, Sept 17 w/ The Rousers

Showtime 12 Noon to 2 PM

Tixs @ or at door

Watch/call in:


Tickets We Got Tickets to Whad’ya Know High Noon Radiocasts!

July 7, 2016
wyk tix hi noon