Whad’ya Know ChanukahMas Party and Potluck, December 15

Sure, there’ll be eggnog. And, yes, a cascade of delicious homemade dishes being passed.

All Holiday parties have that.

But only the Whad’ya Know ChanukahMas Party & Potluck–Saturday, December 15, 10 am to ???–

will showcase the absolutely best performance of “Have Nagila” by persons not of the Chanukah

persuasion–John Sieger & John Parrott–ever:


So, come all ye faithful to A House of A Guy’s Own, 1215 Drake St, Madison, at 10 am on December

15 with any hot dish other than a green been casserole (mine!) and be prepared to get slogged &




And, don’t forget, no one looks more like Santa without trying than our own Lyle Anderson












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One Comment on “Whad’ya Know ChanukahMas Party and Potluck, December 15”

  1. Susan Says:

    Fun! But “ch” is pronounced as if you are spraying whipped cream from a Reddi Whip can. Or, like your grandfather sounded, trying to get at that phlegm in the back of his throat. khkhkhkhkh. Not pronouncing it correctly is like saying, a cat has hittens. Or, let’s go fly a hite. Or using Hihhoman soy sauce on your holiday Chinese food.

    Looks like a super fun event! I han hlearly see how hrazy I’d be to miss it!


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