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Whad’ya Know, July 4, 1998 in Washington, DC!

July 8, 2017

Sorry to be a bit late on the upswing getting this up, but here it is in all its glory, Whad’ya Know on the National Mall, during Wisconsin Week, July 4, 1998!

The planets were aligned, despite the undercooked bratwurst I consumed from WI booth volunteer grillers who had never seen one before, and which set my departure date back home by 2 days.

Tommy Thompson (now there was a Republican governor) was supposed to join us for the show, but his pack of Harley Hogs must have stopped at a few too many roadhouses on the way in from Wisconsin.

The heart-stopping fireworks over the Washington Monument ruined me for pyrotechnics for all time, but it was truly memorable, despite Neil Diamond’s Coming to America, and great fun with the Whad’ya Know clan.