The Autumn Leaf Blower

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With apologies to the great Nat King Cole

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If Olive Oyl Were Reinstated as President

Aggie Tippery, chronicler of Hokah, MN

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I was often asked, at one time, who was my favorite person I interviewed in the four score & 7 years on Whad’ya Know and I often would say, well Kurt Vonnegut because he was hilarious and because he was Kurt Vonnegut (whose reason for writing was “So I could feed my Goddamn family”! — do you capitalize God in that usage?) and of course Paula Poundstone when we caught her in with a bag of miniatures in a flight lounge at O’Hare, but.

Sorry just had to end that sentence somehow.

But, by and large, or rather no doubt about, it was Aggie Tippery, from Hokah, MN, she with the sons Tip, Tip, Tip Tip and Grub and husband with the Superman blue eyes, Ivan, who swept her away on his Hog.

And, Aggie’s a great reason to catch the 11-12-2005 La Crosse Whad’ya Know show now playing on the Whad’ya Know Podcast page

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Number 1 Song of ’21! Lyle Sacks Troy!

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Marion Harris Sings ” I Ain’t Got Nobody”–We beg to differ!

Marion Harris dazzles with number 1 for ’21—1921 that is– on this Saturday’s Whad’ya Know,

while Lyle Anderson goes all You Are There from the Trojan Horse on the April 24, 1158 B.C. anniversary

of the Greek sacking of Troy, all because Paris had a thing for Helen (whose face, after all, launched ships).

Only on the Whad’ya Know Podcast at 10 am Central, around midnight in Seoul, right here:

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Whad’ya Know Podcast: We’re All Over the Place!

Trumps on The Road

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Election’s not yet even a sure thing and the foreclosures have started


The Chinese are foreclosing on Trump Tower, The Germans on Mar a Lago,

and the Russians on the White House.

Putin’s letting the Bidens keep the furniture and bric a brac–

the Martha Washington plates, the Dolly Madison Zingers, what have you–

anything still remaining  after the Final Days when Trump not only teed-

off  in every room in the White House but soiled Lincoln’s bed pretty bad.

The Trumps hope to be out by Christmas before the circling legal vultures

swoop down.

And these guys are the real deal, not Rudy Giuliani and his pack of Trump

University Pre-Law wanabees.

Once the self-, family & anybody with the scratch pardons are inked,

the von Trumpfs will settle not in the German Alps but, initially,

in a castle/farmette outside of Ljubljana, Slovenia, although Melania’s

parents will stay in the US due to outstanding warrants in the old country.

After that, well, Trump Tower Red Square is out for the disenfranchised

Trumps, but the King Abdulaziz Palace in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has

undergone a rehab identical to what Melania did to the White House–

With that news we bid farewell if not arrivederci to the Family Trump

and their hardy genome from all of us still standing in the States.

Michael Feldman


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John Sieger brings ‘When the Goddamn Day is Done’ to WYK

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Why is this man smiling?

His new one is When the Goddamn Day is Done!

Perhaps because he knows he speaks for many of us these

Dampendic Days or maybe just because he’s John Sieger.

Maybe he’ll tell us when we zoom him from A Place of

Johnny’s Own, to yours, this Saturday morning, Sept 12,

at 10 CT, via Whad’ya Know Podcast here:


And just in case you don’t know what all the cursing’s about:  “WGDDD:”

Breakthrough in China Virus Vaccine from Johnson & Trump

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At Johnson & Johnson, that which we bring to the Vaccine table is nothing less than our very raison d’etre: all encompassing cradle to grave care allowing us to meld our analgesics with our wound care, beauty care, oral care, skin care and baby, minus the toxic powder, care, because at Johnson & Johnson we care to care when we care for you.

Now, thanks to our legions of J&J formulators, respected within and without personal hygiene, health and beauty, we are proud to announce, in collusion with Trump Industries LLC, a breakthrough in China Virus Vaccine Care, drawing from our virtually limitless stockpile of Johnson & Johnson consumer care products, which has enabled us to have created, at warp-speed, a Neutrogena-based Vaccine with elements of Clean & Clear, One Touch Ultra and Nicorette, where Imodium meets Pepcid and Lubriderm meets Micitin, meets Tylenol PM meets Aveeno, meets BenGay, meets  Calydryl, then Benedryl, then Calydryl again, as a hint of Carefree Scent fills the lab air, and the potion is infused with some pretty big proprietary actors we’re not going to talk about but they’re PRETTY BIG, PRETTY BIG.

Today, all of us here at Johnson & Johnson are proud to announce, after weeks of

planning, testing and tweaking the first and foremost groundbreaking

Johnson & Trump Warp Speed Tanning Vaccine, currently in phase 3,

exhaustive consumer and advertising testing, with a roll out, per Executive Order,

any day now.

We are confident Johnson & Trump Warp Speed Tanning Vaccine is all the China Vaccine you and

your family will ever need!

Johnson & Johnson: Making China Virus Clean & Clear and Under Control.


Johnson & Johnson may be able to help with TBD costs of Johnson & Trump Warp Speed Tanning Vaccine, but it’s unlikely. No warranty or liability is offered or assumed by Johnson & Johnson, Donald Trump, personally or as owner of Trump Industries Consumer Medical Division LLC, or as President of the United States. Discontinue use if death, apoplexy, that thing where your head spins and you can’t talk or think, or more than 30 days of hallucinogenic or feelings you can fly occur.

You Could Have a Serious Thrill on the Whad’ya Know Quiz!

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Whad’ya Know Quiz! — Saturday, August 15!

Hey, Kids, if you know what a flying buttress is, or why Prometheus got

his liver gnawed, or anything, really, you could get yourself a serious thrill–

like Kurt from Columbus OH did–

OK, Lyle is hard to excite after all this time, but Kurt was over the moon!

Who knows how you’ll react to prizes so fabulous you’ll wonder when they’re coming!

The Whad’ya Zoom Podcast, 8-15-20, 10 am Central, around midnight in Seoul–

Your invite will be waiting at–

–If you’d rather just lurk you can do it there as well–

And remember to catch us anytime on Whad’ya Know Podcast @iTunes!



Ben Sidran Live on Whad’ya Know– Saturday, August 8–

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The Doctor is In!

Ben Sidran joins us live on Whad’ya Know Podcast

This Saturday at 10 am Central, around midnight in Seoul, SK–

Here’s a taste from his new one ‘We the People’—










Feel the groove of Ben’s music, books & attitude on

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