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Alt-Thanksgiving at Whad’ya Know!

November 22, 2016



You know this will be the last Thanksgiving the national turkeys get a presidential pardon.

Let’s not think about that. Or the Hillary/Trump tables at Thanksgiving.

Let’s think about Alt-Thanksgiving at Whad’ya Know at the High Noon in Madison!

So Alt- it’s even on a Saturday–November 26.

So Alt- the only politics brought up will be jokes you very nearly feel comfortable laughing at!

Should the above fail, a world-renowned comic,  Andy Kindler–Mort the Mortician, will break you up!

John & Jeff will play NO HOLIDAY TUNES!

Bloody Mary’s galore to combat any vestiges of holiday depression!

And a chance to win fabulous if useless prizes on the Whad’ya Know quiz! We’re talking finger unicorns here!

Alt-Thanksgiving, Whad’ya Know @ High Noon, 701 E Washington, Madison, Saturday November 26, at noon.

You owe it to yourself.

Whad’ya Know @ High Noon Last 3 for ’16!

November 20, 2016


Whad’ya Know @ High Noon w/ Ben Sidran and John Sieger Sunday October 2nd

September 23, 2016

Sunday, October 2nd–Looking for something to do after church and before Rosh Hashanah? Head down to the sanctified High Noon Saloon in Madison for the Whad’ya Know Podcast service with Michael, John, Jeff & Stephanie and special cross-denominational musical guests Ben Sidran, the Gangster of Love, and Semi-Twang Wrangler John Sieger. Hallelujah!

That’s Sunday, October 2, at noon, at the High Noon!untitled-1-copy

9-17-16 Michael Perry and The Rousers at WYK @ High Noon!

September 7, 2016

Next up for WYK @ High Noon–

Tent shaman Michael Perry and The Rousers!
And there’s a bar to make your forget all about doughnuts!
Saturday, September 17th! High noon(the time as well as the place!) ik too many!

tix: or at door

watch the sausage get ground at untitled-1-copy

Whad’ya Know @ High Noon for September

August 27, 2016

high noon sept