Whad’ya Know @ High Noon for September

high noon sept

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2 Comments on “Whad’ya Know @ High Noon for September”

  1. Carter Brakefield Says:

    I’m so confused. How do we listen/watch you now? We are old farts, Micheal….give us a “how to” section. Thrilled you are back!!!! 🙂


  2. Timothy Kiley Says:


    My wife, Lisa, and friend, Greg, whisked me out to Madison on Saturday to see you live for the first time. It was a follow-up to a Birthday promise made some time ago, and in anticipation of my upcoming Birthday on the 10th of September.

    Though you walked within inches of me several times, I never had the nerve to bother you to say how much I have enjoyed your particular brand of humor over the years. I have Aspergers Syndrome (a form of Autism), and social awkwardness is paramount among my characteristics, as are crowds, noises, and being out in public, among others.

    Until direct digital to cortical interface is developed, I look forward to future podcasts (the first to which I would subscribe). I also hope to get up the gumption to visit again in person, uncomfortably introduce myself, and stumble over a few ill chosen words of appreciation.

    Thank you for your contribution to the world of humor.


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