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Whad’ya Know at High Noon begins September 3rd!

July 30, 2016

We’re Back! Whad’ya Know live at the High Noon Saloon in Madison begins Saturday, September 3!

All the WYK fun you expect, and maybe more! Heck, it’s in a (family friendly) bar, and not just any saloon but the premiere eclectic and best music club in town, with all the Whad’ya Know fun you’re used to with John Thulin, Stephanie Lee, and the old cowhand hisself, Michael Feldman–live guests, bands, quizzes, and audiences you can be a part of!  Each show will be a free-flowing 2 hour session which will be streamed to the Whad’ya Know YouTube site–so you can call in at 608 ME-09-VET–lock and load your speed dial and put us in your favorites!  Here’s the schedule, all at the High Noon at (High) Noon on Saturdays, except for October 2, a Sunday, because John has to go to a wedding:


September  3

September  17

October  2 (Sunday)

October  29

November  12

November  26

December  3

December  17  Holiday Party bring a dish to pass

If you mosey on over to you can get tickets to each and every show–only 10 bucks–cheap!

And here’s the promo just to make it official!  Hope to see you there, Pardners!






Trump Breaks Through Ass Ceiling and All the News That Isn’t

July 29, 2016


Problems in Podcasting 7: Paper Pockets

July 27, 2016

This Just In: 31 Years of All the News That Wasn’t

July 26, 2016



31 Years of All the News That Wasn’t





1985:  Madonna: Like a Virgin. Like, as in ‘as if.’


86:  Voyageur 2 chasing Voyageur 1 into infinity.


87:  President Reagan says the question is not what he knew and when he knew it, but what’s the question?


88:  NAFTA trade agreement passes; we immediately trade Mexico for Canada and two countries to be named later.


89:  Ollie North asks Fawn, are those documents in your panty hose or are you happy to see me?


90:  A besieged Noriega surrenders when the Howard Stern show blasted at him.


91:  In the Gulf, the first war ever fought over an invading army eating zoo animals is over.


92:  After agreeing to end the Cold War, President Bush and Boris Yeltsin wander around listless and out-of-sorts.


93:  “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” to “You Bet, Don’t Mention It.”


94:  Bill, you know anything about this dry cleaning bill?


95:  OJ acquitted, Naked Gun 4 given green light.


96:  Dolly the sheep cloned because sheep don’t look enough alike.


97:  El nino blamed for everything El padre wasn’t.


98:  New European currency, the Euro, easily confused with Greek sandwich.


99:  Clinton impeachment ends,  takes with it Cokie Roberts and Sam Donaldson discussing oral sex.


2000:  Israel’s Ariel Sharon panned for performance of “If I Was a Rich Man” on Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.


2001:  265 lawmakers vote identically to ban human cloning.


02:  Axis of Evil turns out to be AC/DC song from George W’s wild youth.


03:  In Iraq, mobile poison gas labs turn out to be Saddam’s tricked-out party Winnebago’s.


04:  Facebook, a way of liking people you don’t like, launches.


05:  After winning his 7th straight Tour de France, Lance Armstrong put out to stud.


06:  After accusing Madison, Wisconsin, residents of “communing with the Devil,”  Bill O’Reilly inexplicably coughs up feathers and chicken parts.


07:  Democrats take control of Congress and convert the House Gallery into daycare.


08:  Britney Spears released after spaying.


09:  Steve Jobs says it’s not his liver its just a software glitch.


10:  While a cost effective way of transporting oil, BP Gulf disaster decried by many.


11:  Arab Spring skips Arab Summer, goes right to Arab Fall.


12:  On her Diamond Jubilee Queen Elizabeth tells Prince Phillip, “Don’t even think of getting me anything.”


13:  At inauguration President Obama says he has a good feeling about second term.


14:  Neanderthals and Humans last had sex 40,000 years ago, and I know how they feel.


15: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker vows to take collective bargaining rights away from Isis.


And, 2016:  Donald Trump says “Had to let Melania go. Wasn’t working out like we hoped. Plus, she stole.CoTMwjPWEAA7bkV

Cleveland OH on Whad’ya Know? April 23, 2016

July 22, 2016

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All the News That Isn’t Cleveland Convention Edition, 7-21-16

July 21, 2016


Eau Claire 5-21-16 Whad’ya Know!

July 15, 2016