Eau Claire 5-21-16 Whad’ya Know!


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2 Comments on “Eau Claire 5-21-16 Whad’ya Know!”

  1. B Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you.
    I mean, thank you.
    The on-air is clear again.
    9i’mnot going to break in to a ‘hills are alive’ improve, but – thank you.


    • bg Says:

      – Meaning, if there is need.
      Noon July 16, I turned on KALW and What! Where’s the worlds fun gone?
      Finding it here if only in an emailian form, supports “What Do ya Know” – is out of this world, and so must be all of us.

      Confirming the adage, some things must be heard to be seen.
      Thank you, Mr. Feldman.


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