All the Trump News That Isn’t



We live in an age when Riley is the man and Justin is the dog.


‘All the Trump News That Isn’t’ begins with a disclaimer:

Donald Trump has passed the point where stupid is provocative; it is now merely stupid.

  1. Trump’s African-American fails to respond to his summons.
  2. “I’m building a wall it’s an inherent conflict of interest” was not the incoherent rant of a man on the bus.
  3. Great relief as Californians learn there is no drought.
  4. Calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas earned the response “You’re Stinky Pete the Prospector.”
  5. When non-existent global warming submerges your golf course where will you drop the ball?
  6. 3500 harassment suits do not necessarily indicate a great legal mind.
  7. In his defense, Fraud was the most popular major at Trump U.
  8. No you cannot tweet the State of the Union.
  9. I hope you have kidnapping insurance, although that would be The Ransom of Yellow Chief.
  10. A man who can’t backdate checks to prove donations he didn’t make is not presidential.

Glad I got that out of the way, because I won’t be here to help you through the Trump administration.

Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama–c’mon enough’s enough.

In All the Non-Trump News That Isn’t–

Cavs and the Warriors, Beast and the Beauty.


Dad of the 6 year old who turned him in for running a red light tells him “I’m very proud of you, see you when you’re 18.”


Sure enough, the woman whose 3 year old tumbled into the Gorilla Enclosure was back the next week with the other one.

Because you can’t take one and not the other.


Speaking of child rearing, I just hope the boy left in the forest for 6 days has learned an important lesson about parenting.


Proponents of Brexit–the UK leaving the EU–have  taken the Trump approach:

Let’s Make Great Britain Great Again.

Great Great Britain?

Great Again Britain?

Great Squared Britain?

Jolly Good Britain?


The fact that American nuclear alerts are on floppy disc at least gives you a little time to think.

That they are delivered by Paper Clip Guy, though, is disturbing.


After 15 months Taylor Swift breaks up with someone name Calvin Harris.

Meanwhile, “Calvin,” shoots to number 1 on iTunes.


With AHI–artificial horn intelligence–Google self-driving cars can now lean on the horn if you’re not out of the house pretty quick, and can play “Dixie” at intersections in the South.


Facebook AI–‘Deep Text’–said to have near human accuracy.

Hell, I have near human accuracy.


And, Roots 2 is such a success that next– 2 Fiddlers on the Roof.


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