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Whad’ya Know on Ursae Majoris Network!

May 31, 2016

Since Wisconsin Public Radio will not be airing reruns of Whad’ya Know? the only option remaining for the inveterate or invertebrate listener is via Radio Telescope, finely tuned to 31 years times the 6 trillion annual mileage of light–186 trillion miles FM, or pretty much a bull’s-eye on that yellow orange ringer for our Sun Ursae Majoris, nestled in the SE corner of the very desirable Ursa Major, the Great Bear, which, among many other distinctions, is the proud home of the Big Dipper! A guy could do worse with his infinitely expanding broadcast!

But, wait, there’s more–Ursae Majoris has been selected by NASA as one of their top 100 stars for the Terrestrial Planet Finder project, so it’s only about ┬átime and space until this sun-like star will sport an earth-like planet with public radio-like radio–and Whad’ya Know? will be there.