After Black Friday a Bright Saturday at Whad’ya Know!



Say your dad carved the bird wearing a Make America Great Again cap while your mom sobbed in the kitchen?

Or you made the mistake of noting how inappropriate the Cowboys playing the Redskins on Thanksgiving was to your father-in-law?

Say you did not enjoy a Jenni-O boneless turkey breast with 18% unknown fluids followed by a walk to not enjoy xmas lights on empty neighborhood houses?

Say you went to Black Friday Mass to get a deal on forgiveness?

Whad’ya Know Feels You.

At Whad’ya Know we are giving love in a family dose.

(Cue Sister Sledge) 

And your Family awaits you on Saturday, November 26, at the High Noon Saloon, 701 E Madison Ave, Madison, a good 3 hours closer (for most families, check AAA for yours) than going home to Peoria.

Festivities start at noon only drag on til 2, with our special guest Andy ‘Mort the Mortician’ Kindler, jazz from John & Jeff, insights from Stephanie Lee, and me, I’m Michael Feldman.

Did I mention quizzes you can’t help but win?  Finger unicorn prizes to break the holiday spell?

Whad’ya Know at the High Noon, this Saturday, at noon.

Be there, or be where you are, and watch at

We’ll be glad you did :>)}



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