Dessert-Errata: A Thanksgiving Prayer

Happy Thanksgiving All, Y’all!

A little Thanksgiving Prayer for any of you wondering about the little hard things in the stuffing.

Both the audio and hard copy you want to read it without the mumbles at next year’s dinner.

Join us on Saturday, November 26 at the High Noon Saloon, 701 E Washington, if you’re anywhere contiguous to Madison, WI, for our Alt-Thanksgiving with the comical Andy Kindler, John & Jeff Jazz, Stephanie Lee & me.   And the best Bloody Mary’s anywhere. You’ll be doubly thankful!



A Prayer of Thanksgiving

Go resignedly to the folks’ remembering it’s just for a few hours. Though you must make appearances at her side as well as your own, eat with as much relish as you can muster, for this, too, shall pass. Choose carefully your words, gingerly stepping around your cousin Leah’s latest fiasco with the Arthur Murray instructor, and ask not about Marlene.
Let on not that you have heard these stories before and utter them not aloud simultaneously nor anticipate the punch lines. Chew with vigor and bite thy tongue, for the bird hath been cooked since Tuesday, yet praise it tenderly for it never heard a compliment in life. Be sage about the dressing though you know not the origin of the little hard things; should you bite into a wedding band, return it with discretion. Though it resemble syrup, pour not the Manishewitz on the sherbet.
Avoid your Uncle Lou; he is vexatious to the spirit. Kick not your little brother under the table, but show the forbearance of the season and pound him later. Picture Naomi and the kids as alien life forms, and learn from them. Shout not at Gram, for she heareth what she chooseth. Though you take on much wine, sing not the Barber of Seville nor show undue attention to your niece, who has become quite the young lady. If belch though must, let it not herald the start of a contest. Mince no words over the pie which passeth all understanding.
Above all, say nothing on the ride home, even though the temptation to cite what might have happened but didn’t be great. For that give silent thanks, resolving to firm up those plans for Aruba over Christmas.


Michael Feldman



From the Whad’ya Know podcast #10: ‘Rome didn’t burn in a day,’ on iTunes, Stitcher & Google Play

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    Could you please post on your webpage how to listen to the live stream on Saturdays? I’ve been a long time listener, and would like to keep listening to the shows live, but I’m having no luck in finding how to do it. I have found and listened to some of the shows on SoundCloud, but you can’t really tell which show is from when. They need dates posted. I can’t be the only frustrated fan out here. A little help please.


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