Of An Uncertain Age

You Are of An Uncertain Age If:
* Font is more and more of a consideration
*Your Dagwood Bumstead allusions fall on deaf ears
* You find yourself ending sentences with “. . . like so many of them do now.”
*You sing the song “Till I Was You.”
*Having lived this long you could indulge in any number of extreme behaviors and not have it affect your longevity and yet you don’t.
*You have 12 pack abs.
*Passing women give you a meaningless smile.
*Your children appear to be suffering you badly.
*You can’t remember your mantra or even if you had one.
*Any sagging is not a fashion statement.
*You have many blessings but they’re all in disguise.
*While you have long spoken to (select) inanimate objects, increasingly you engage them in animated conversation.
*Finding your coffee cold you are saddened.
*Your feet embarrass you and almost never make you proud.
*Increasingly, you sound like your mother imitating your father.
* No, you have more of a ‘rhymes with bucket’ list.
* Sitting robed in easy chair with pipe and slippers you dare spontaneous human consumption.



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