Bubbler Questions at Milwaukee Debate and All the News That Isn’t


Republican candidates furiously boning up for bubbler questions at Milwaukee debate.

The Longest Yard Theory: someone’s slipping female hormones in Packers feed.

At 6 billion dollars Candy Crush crushes Trump.

When it comes to trusting their candidates with nuclear weapons Republican voters say Huey 39%, Dewey 34%, Louie 27%.
Dr. President Ben Carson says he’s already used nuclear weapons.
Would say no more.

More emissions cheating, this time in Porches–but, I swear, as long as I keep my 911 at a steady 25 mph city and turn it off at stops I get 50 mpg. More with a tailwind.

Slumping Whole Foods increases prices to enhance cachet.
Folks finally figured out organic means grown in poop.

GOP riding the transgender bathroom wave hard.
Full court press on transgender bathrooms.
This would not be a problem if everyone just agreed to sit down to pee.

Dr. President Ben Carson says when he was a kid had an 8 foot tapeworm pulled from his head.
Claims it was a record–fact checkers pouring over Guinness Book.

Speaker Paulie Ryan installs wavy mirrors and out of perspective floors and walls in US Funhouse of Representatives.
43 million for the Afghan gas station, but, when you need the gas, you’re glad it’s there.

“Jeb Can Fix It” worst battle cry since the Alamo’s “I Didn’t Hear Nothin’!”

Primatologists find chimps have a mid-Atlantic accent.

Buckeye legalization fails in Ohio.

Ben Carson put a hammer to his Mama’s head because they were so poor couldn’t afford a scalpel.
Explains why, after missing her, he speaks with a quiet voice and makes no sense.

Smaller than a Borneo snail new worst epithet.

ABC newswoman who sat on Donald Trump’s lap being treated for unspecified symptoms.

Non-belief up as more Americans than ever find religion not improbable enough for them.

Day one Dr. President Ben Carson will fill the pyramids with grain.

President George HW Bush–the dad–called Dick Cheney an “iron-ass,” but he’s a little rusty.
The elder Bush also said he never cared for Jeb’s wife.
And that the birth record said Job not Jeb.
Explains a lot–particularly when all his oxen ran out.

Serena Williams runs down an old man who also has a gold iPhone 6 plus.

Ben Carson admits he got a Hotpoint not a West Point scholarship.

Donald Trump says Carson’s mama hammering and friend stabbing just means he’s Mexican.

Mercy killing for the Keystone pipeline–ah, she was a good ol’ sludge hose.

Christie and Huckabee ordered not to come within 5,000 feet of debate stage.
Only going to drive them together like Thelma and Louise.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker comes out of seclusion to attend a Jeb Bush event in Milwaukee because he’s not yet ready for a lot of attention.



That’s All the News That Isn’t

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One Comment on “Bubbler Questions at Milwaukee Debate and All the News That Isn’t”

  1. SudzTerkel Says:

    More salient nuggets which aid in the comprehension of my world or, somebody else’s. It remains a mystery to me why, when these insights are articulated on the WDYK, they’re not met with peals of laughter. Even I got the bubbler reference and know little about plumbing and am from Colorado.

    Also on plumbing- that Afghani gas station with the ‘deep pockets’ budget, far beyond what the “Man who wears the star” ever contemplated- was an outcome of the failure to idenitify the costs of transsexual bathrooms and camel washing facilities. Their height requirement dictates very tall ceilings and extended blower and hose connections not customarily called for in the west.


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