Groucho Glass and Nose and All the News That Isn’t


Like to think I’d do the same as Tara the attack cat in that situation, but you never know. Might just curl up nose to tail atop the frig.

Now if Tara can save the brown dog from being put down–I’m thinking sainthood. St Tabitha?
Kind of overestimating her if they think she’s able to throw out first pitch at a ballgame, though.
I mean my puggle Tina is a great little infielder but can’t make the throw.

Kim and Kanye to wed at Versailles in a “let them eat whatever” ceremony.

Clay Aiken–determined not to come in second again–has apparently killed his opponent to take the North Carolina house seat.

Jeff Koon’s Popeye sculpture sells for $28.1 million, the .1 going to Olive Oyl.

Red Lobster downsized to Red Crawfish.

From somewhere deep in the Brazilian rain forest comes Snowden journalist Glenn Greenwald’s new book “No Place to Hide.”

Google agrees to EU right to be forgotten after suit is brought by a Heinrich Himmler.

Russia annexes International Space Station, now known as Upper Crimea.

In Palestine, Hamas clears out of Abbas’ occupied house, albeit with Mrs. Abbas numbers 2 and 3.

Lady Gaga’s performance in the UAE will be adjusted to local norms–she’ll perform as usual, but the audience will be blinded.

Bucks sold to NY investors–we’ll see if they care to dabble in Milwaukee.

Karl Rove says Hillary is brain damaged—Karl Rove, aka George W’s brain—knows of what he speaks.
Hillary goanna bitch slap some hair back on that muskmelon head of Karl Rove’s.

Red wine doesn’t make you live longer, it just slows you down so it seems longer.
White wine, meanwhile, only makes you eat cheese.

JD Power, not to be confused with JD Byrider, says airline satisfaction has reached an all-time high low.
Fly the indifferent skies of What Can You Do? airlines.

Senator Marco Rubio says even if there is global warming he likes it Hot! Hot! Hot!

No commitment from speaker John Boehner on immigration–he may leave and he may not.

Something fishy with the fish oil study.

Googleglass, trying to lighten up its image, is partnering with the Groucho Glass and Nose people.
Get Elton John to wear ’em they’re home free.

GM has now recalled more cars than it has sold, so they’re forced to recall Fords and Chryslers as well.

34 year-old Texas woman who posed as a 15 year-old high school sophomore was found out when she had hot flashes at prom.

I’m anxious to hear what ex-Clippers head Donald Sterling has to say about the JayZ-Solange situation.
And Beyonce–what? A diva can’t punch and kick her own guy?

New Godzilla movie out. Hey, if it doesn’t have an 18 inch Godzilla model trashing a table-top Tokyo despite a full-sized Raymond Burr, it ain’t Godzilla.


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