Governor’s Ramp and All the News That Isn’t



You know if Oprah buys the LA Clippers, Stedman’s going to want to coach.

Then when Gayle King gets the job he’ll be very hurt.

Be good for Stedman to have something to do.

Stedman told Oprah ‘don’t be bringing any black men around here.’

And you know he was upset: he doesn’t usually speak in the vernacular.

The great thing about the Oprah Clippers: a gift box under every seat.  No gifts on the court, though.

In all the non-Clipper news that isn’t :

Rob Ford does Betty Ford.

Minimum wage boost fails in the Senate because they pay enough for yard work as it is.

Russia tells US to transport astronauts to the international space station ‘with trampoline’ (sic).

Someone’s feeling pretty cocky about themselves. All hammer and sickly.

And for what? Seizing Crimea? Dane County could have seized Crimea. Would’ve added to the tax base.

Meanwhile, teenage mutant Russian separatists take over post office in Dnepropetrovsk—a valued stamp cancellation.

In Ukraine in general, Tea Partski very much on the rise.

I don’t know. They make a great White Russian.

Voter ID ruled really stupid in Wisconsin. Not a single case of someone impersonating a Badger to vote.

Governor Walker and the boys willing to compromise with voter wrist tattoos.

Marrying a very politically progressive gal, George Clooney forced to ethically mine a 7 carat diamond himself.

Donald Sterling banned for life in NBA—so that’s what, 6, 7 years?

Speaking of Israel in case you were, John Kerry says he never said apartheid, he said “a par-TAY!”

Ohio Baptist University shuts down a LGBT-friendly student newspaper after learning the B is not for Baptist.

Moviegoers leaving Spiderman II visibly shaken after seeing Spidey eaten by his mate.

Paul Simon and what’s-her-name-the-if-Garfunkel-were-a-girl-one all good now after domestic dispute,  release “I Got You Babe” video as Sonny and Cher.

At auction, Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” expected to bring $2million, while like a Rolling Rock just 6 bucks.

Move to secede at Wisconsin GOP convention in Milwaukee, although some delegates may think the resolution says “succeed.”

Workaround proposed where GOP faithful leave the state in a Republican Rapture, possibly to the UP.

Rob Ford out of Betty Ford.

Governor and Tonette Walker want the wheelchair ramp removed from the Governor’s Mansion. Too FDR.

Worth noting that Scott Walker, one of the 100 most influential people in the world, can’t get a ramp removed from his house.

Newly sober Zac Efron reveals his name is actually Jack Saffron.  Just slurs to Zac Efron.

Milwaukee Brewers dog Hank brings down the racing Klement Polish sausage and eats his casing before groundskeeper can shoot him. Almost a tragedy at Miller Park.

US consumer spending surges .1% in March. Well, surge. It is a positive number.

Wisconsin Congressman Paulie Ryan movin’ on up to Black Congressional Caucus. The token caucusian.

Rob Ford re-ups Betty Ford.

As a convenience, Wisconsin will raise the maximum political donation from $10,000 to $6.8 million so you won’t have to write 680 $10,000 checks.

And, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, for its pot-friendly version of the 1812 Overture, will feature giant bongs fired up as bells ring across Denver.  .  .


Wisconsin Governor's Mansion 1_JPG_475x310_q85That’s All the News That Isn’t . . .

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