Scott Walker President of Iran and All the News That Isn’t


After disaffirming affirmative action the Supreme Court will take another look at suffrage.

Supremes: Stop in the Name of Love!

President Obama visits Asia, somehow misses China. Must have got the Silver Package.

President’s sushi diplomacy runs into some bad blowfish in Tokyo.

In the middle-east the merger between Fatah and Hamas a good thing since Fatmas is a lot less threatening.

Sinkhole under Florida retirement community found to be metaphor.

G7 nations agree to harsh new sanctions against Russia–Russian nesting dolls will not be allowed to nest anywhere in the EU.

Teen stowaway on flight to Hawaii raises serious questions about teens.

Joe Biden looking at a presidential run in Ukraine.

In the Afghan elections Abdullah Abdullah leads Abdullah 2 to 1.

Teen taking 38 million gallon pee in Portland reservoir new record holder.
And boy what a stream!

Saints rise to 8,052 with John Paul II and John XXIII, medallion manufacturers strive to keep up.

FDA approves codeine-laced rushlimbocodone.

A 10,000 year-old Michigan boy finds a 9 year-old mastodon bone–that’s news.

After powdered alcohol–powdered water.

New gun law in Georgia means you can wear the same holster Sunday morning you wore Saturday night.
Downside is you never know in Georgia if someone is happy to see you.
Georgia on My Belt.

FDA restricts electronic cigarettes to Cyborgs.

After Ronald McDonald trades yellow jumpsuit for mustard cargo’s and striped rugby shirt he is asked to stop hanging around playgrounds.

Net Neutrality dead, average users will have to borrow a cup of bandwidth.
Netflix says ‘let them eat dial-up.’

Should Northwestern football players vote union expect a rash of wildcats strikes.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker named to Time’s 100 most influential as president of Iran.

The Milwaukee Brewers having trouble scoring at home and I know how they feel . . . .

That’s All the News That Isn’t . . .

800px-official_photo_of_hassan_rouhani_7th_president_of_iran_august_2013 copy

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