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FAQ Whad’ya Know Podcast and Life in General by Michael Feldman

November 7, 2016



*Feldman Answers Questions


  1. What’s a logarithm?

F: Logarithm is the term marking the point of time when you no longer get math.

Too bad, too, because today it’s a term for becoming a billionaire by the time you’re 22.

  1. How come I can’t get Whad’ya Know on the FM radio in the barn anymore?

F: The cows may have nosed the dial into classical because they produce more on Mozart, but that would be the easy answer.

Whad’ya Know, formerly available on analog wave easily accessible to barn radio, is now circling around the gaping yaw of a black hole know as podcasting, a world which, while having a nice (if blurred) view of the event horizon, is only attainable on digital devices. You know all those kids walking around with white plugs in their ears? Podcasts. Or 24K. Mention ‘podcasts’ to someone and they will not hear you because they’re listening to one. It’s quite the craze now like hula hoops & flying saucers.

  1. How do I get Whad’ya Know on the Compaq computer in the barn?

F: You may have to upgrade to an Apple II (if they’re still in business) or get one of them smart phones. You’re probably going to need Internet, too, check for local availability. Once you’ve jumped those hurdles, the world is your cup of meat.

You can find the Whad’ya Know Podcast on iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play, should you be android. As they say these days, there’s an app for it, so you’ll be good to go.

  1. Is the podcast a watered-down version of the radio show? What about John, Jeff and Stephanie? Do they have their own podcasts?

F:  Andy Warhol would have said, today, that everyone’s entitled to a 15 minute podcast. But let me reassure, or assure you (if it’s for the first time) that the jazz piano stylings of John Thulin, the rock-solid yet ethereal bass of Jeff  Hamann, and the most definitely of Stephanie Lee are there in all their glory, available for convenient free delivery directly to your head, without the unnecessary and costly if you add all the pledging up so-called public radio middleman. I’m on it, too, in case you’re wondering.

  1. What about them Cubs?

F: Totally, at least until 3 of them did the male strippers for dead grandma routine on SNL. Now I think it wasn’t worth it.

  1. What about the quiz?

F: Mais oui, as we say in Frenglish. Listen, you know a guy who can’t go 3 science questions without slipping in Uranus is not going to forego the opportunity. Prizes are equal to or better than ever, like the Archie McPhee Handicorn, the Unicorn that gallops on your fingers (pictured).

Now, here’s where it gets tricky, to play the quiz you either have to be there at the High Noon Saloon, 701 E Washington Ave, Madison on November 12, 26, December 3, 17 (holiday party, bring a dish to pass) all shows begin at noon, Central, OR call-in while watching the unexpurgated you tube live video at those same Saturdays at the same time (for the full recreated classic Whad’ya Know broadcast effect).  The number to call is: (608) 250-3222 or (608) AL-03-BAA.

Don’t give a shake of a lamb’s tail about being on the quiz– easy-peasey podcast.


  1. Do they serve booze at the High Noon Saloon?

F: Yes, in lieu of doughnuts and coffee. It’s a trade off.