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All the News That Isn’t Bad

October 1, 2014

All the News That Isn’t Bad


1. Gumby loves his bendy iPhone 6.
2. Tiny sea monkeys create giant ocean currents.
3. Derek Jeter not even thinking about baseball.
4. George Zimmerman did not get a reality show.
5. California banned single-use plastic bags but you can reuse ones you got forever!
6. Windows skips 9 goes right to 10.
7. We’re talkin’ endless pasta and bottomless salad!
8. Kim Jong Un feeling much better.
9. Mitt Romney says will not run again but might accept appointment as President, and
10. Brits who agreed to give up their oldest child for free wifi weren’t really going to do it . . .

Whad’ya Know! It’s Good News Week!

December 9, 2013

All the News That Isn’t –Regular and Good

April 22, 2013


In a special tribute Margaret Thatcher is interred next to Richard III in the car park.

What kind of message does it send when the highest level of American representation at the Thatcher funeral is Kissinger, Cheney and Bachmann?

Suspicious substance sent to President Obama turns out to be Nicorette.

Ricin letter season again. Like the annual Christmas saga letters.

Ricin testing takes 48 hours–they should use instant ricin.

After a really bad week the White House looks more like the Alamo.

Wayne La Pierre never picked up a check, background or otherwise.

Lost in all this is that Ann Curry was treated really badly on the Today show.

Latest in wearable technology: Google Spanx.
Google Retainer hinted at.

Incarceration way up at Shanghai Technical Prison anticipating all the iPhone 6 work.

Wisconsin’s Governor Walker has opened an office in China so he’s able to count Chinese prison labor in job count. 1 billion new jobs!

Immigration bill comes to floor with big asterisk next to Chechnya.

After all the flooding, Chicago’s sister city now Venice.

McDonalds’s earnings flat after something funny about the pickle slice.

iPhone’s Siri only keeps your data two years, but by then has told all her friends.

Carnival Triumph upgraded with 23,000 gallon jugs tied to the rail. Hopefully, they’ll remember to put the caps on.

Given the weather, it’s surprising the dead groundhog thrown into the Pennsylvania bar was not Phil.

I shot Musharraf but I did not shoot the deputy.

Manti Te’o expected to go in first round of fantasy draft, and

A challenging auditorium program coming up telling 6th grade boys why they’re getting cervical cancer shots.

. . . That’s All the News That Isn’t . . .

But, wait, there’s more–because we need it, and USA Today doesn’t provide it anymore . . . .

All the Good News That Isn’t:

Bighorn sheep are back in the Sierra Nevadas.

Gold is more affordable.

One way ticket to Mars suddenly appealing.

Probably no one you know made the Chicago Tribune’s mugs in the news.

The boat with the protected species didn’t hit the coral reef all that hard.

You can now show the officer proof of insurance on your iPhone.

Maggie’s back with Dennis.

Big turnout at 4:20 on 4-20 behind the equipment shed on the practice field.

Should be a shipload of spring flowers, and

Jennifer Aniston seems happy.

. . . That’s All the Good News That Isn’t . . . .