Whad’ya Know from A House of a Guy’s Own This Saturday at 10 am

He’s back!

Michael Feldman returns to Saturday mornings at 10 with Whad’ya Know, this one, streamed to Facebook, comes with a big twist: “This one happens in a House of a Guy’s Own, my sanctum sanitarium all these many years, even before man caves.” For the first time ever the public will be invited into the very private world of HOGO. “Before this, ” Feldman says, “anybody  knocked on the door (I somehow ripped out the bell while remodeling) I crouched behind the stacks of Whad’ya Know memorabilia.”

The newest Whad’ya Know will be streamed live to the Whad’ya Know Podcast page over a short season of 8 “narrowcasts.” Why so few? “You have to hunker down on Badger football Saturdays in this neighborhood.”  Two shows will air  each month beginning with the first, September 16, through the Holiday Office Party, a venerable Whad’ya Know tradition, on December 16. “Bring a dish to pass” Feldman asks, “but I don’t know if I can shoehorn the Steve Meisner Polka band in here, though.”

Whad’ya Know can be viewed on the Whad’ya Know Podcast page Saturdays at 10AM to noon, on the irregular dates found on the show’s website, WhadyaKnow.net where you can also discover the formerly secret address of a House of a Guy’s Own, should you dare to venture into Michael Feldman’s mental household on those days.

Podcasts of the Whad’ya Know Live! are available soon after on iTunes.

Whad’ya Know Livecast:  https://www.facebook.com/whadyaknow.net/

A House of a Guy’s Own 1215 Drake St., Madison, 53715


Irregular Dates:    Sept 16 & 23

                             Oct 7 & 28

                             Nov 4 & 25

                             Dec 2 & 16 (holiday party bring a dish to pass)

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  1. Rick Devoy Says:

    Sitting in beautiful San Luis (“Lewis”) Obispo, CA. I have to come back east before month’s end. I wouldn’t be able to make the 9/16 gathering, but I’m going to try to be there on 9/23. We shall see…

    RV Delivery Guy / Virginia Rick


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