March Madness: Looks Like Gonzaga and Whad’ya Know! March 11 at the High Noon!

March Madness is very nearly upon us–I’m worried the additional stress on POTUS could push him over the edge.

However, the good news is the tourney birds auger well for Gonzaga, powerhouse of the Pacific, and Feldman, powerhouse of the Pod and his ready-for-any challenge, athletic, well-oiled machine, Whad’ya Know.

March 11 at the High Noon rolls out the red carpet for “Whad’ya Do Now?,” aka “Making a Murmurer,” the Feldman like you’ve never seen him biopic from  Marc Kornblatt which premiers opening night of the Wisconsin Film Festival, March 30, in Madison. We’ll be running a clip from the film you’ll pretty much have to be at the HN to see, but the buzz re: WDN is OSCAR (depending if any other documentaries are produced between now and then).

WI Film Festival Coordinator Benjamin Reiser will join us to tell us about this year’s impressive roster of exciting cinema as well as the Feldman film.

Also joining us on March 11 will be the Johnny Appleseed of Fonts, Tom ‘True Type” Rickner, aka The Fonts, responsible for the fonts you love and the ones you don’t, currently working on the Noto project–every font ever–for Google.

As if that weren’t enough, the buzz re: John Thulin and Jeff Hamann is jazzier than ever and Stephanie Lee mais oui!

Whad’ya Know at the High Noon, March 11.  Listen to us on iTunes!





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