Dung Beetles Ultraviolet GPS: Whad’ya Know Quiz Annual Report

Whad’ya Know Quiz Annual Report
15 Takeaways from 2015


1. Ants are sluggards; only 2.6% work all the time, while 71.9% are doing nothing right now.
2. Vaudeville is not dead if Cordon Bleu birds can tap dance while singing their mating songs.
3. A Brit gives you the V sign it’s not for peace or victory.
4. State office workers suffer more from insomnia than hunter-gatherers.
5. 60% of shirt tuckers are happier on the job than non-tuckers.
6. At 421, the Scots have more words for snow than the Inuit, including sneesl, skelf, snaw-pouther, feefle, flindrikin and feuchter.
7. The average coach seat has shrunk as much as the average coach passenger has increased, an inch and a half, with no end in sight.
8. You have to pay a smoker $800 to quit.
9. Bees prefer, in fact crave, caffeinated nectar.
10. The word most associated with North Carolina is cackalacky; with Florida, toad strangler and with Illinois, Grabowski.
11. Dung beetles use ultraviolet variations in light from the sky to GPS their dung balls back home.
12. Drunk vegetarians eat meat 1/3 of the time.
13. People want to hear the bad news first but will give the good news first.
14. The catch to lake frontage on Saturn’s moon Titan is that they’re methane lakes.
15. Fruit flies feel fear, but neither joy nor regret.

Dung Beetle or Scarab Beetle (Scarabaeidae) rolling dung ball, Kenya, Africa

Dung Beetle or Scarab Beetle (Scarabaeidae) rolling dung ball, Kenya, Africa

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