2014: 12 Months 12 Jokes

2014: 12 Months 12 Jokes
January: In North Korea, Dennis Rodman dressed as Marilyn Monroe sings Happy Birthday Mr. President to Kim Jong Un.
February: Judge rules Kentucky has to honor same-sex shotgun weddings.
March: Girl Scouts sever ties with Mattel over Barbie’s impossible body type, even though, in scouting, we don’t know the meaning of impossible.
April: Supreme Court goes with Powerball limits on campaign contributions.
May: Lady Gaga’s performance in the UAE will be adjusted to local norms–she’ll perform as usual, but the audience will be blinded.
June: Norwegian bachelor farmers darn close to smiling when Wisconsin’s ban on same-sex marriages is overturned .
July: Good jobs report blamed on Obama.
August: VW recalls 150,000 cars making an achtung noise.
September: What we take away from the Pistorius trial is always ask “Honey, are you in there?” before shooting up the bathroom.
October: 40,000 year-old cave painting deemed derivative.
November: After the Republican sweep Ted Nugent edges closer to Kennedy Center honors, and
December: Now confirmed that was Richard III in the English car park because he was buried under a two door.today-girlscout-barbie-140721_blocks_desktop_large

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