Thor Looks Marvelous and All the News That Isn’t


45 years since either one step for a man or mankind on the moon–amazing how, given the technology of the day–they were able to fake the moon landing.

Chris Christie in Iowa blocks all traffic on the Roseman covered bridge.
And I mean personally–stuck right in it.
Nothing gets in or out of Winterset, Iowa.

Washington, DC decriminalizes marijuana, but it’s $5,000 and a year in jail for roach littering.
So, eat ’em if you got ’em.

You have Stage 14 Tour de France when the latex actually replaces the skin, and the seat–you don’t want to know.

Center for Disease Control rethinking its policy of storing infectious diseases in the sock drawer.
But, you can still subscribe to the mail order toxin-of-the-month club.

House proceeds with impeachment charges against President Obama–so far they only have uppity.

Energy drink cocktails found to give you just enough energy for another energy drink cocktail. And so on.
I took a 5 Hour Lethargy–at this point what am I going to do with energy?

Facebook has a new purchase button which finally makes it possible to buy a friend.

Japanese artist jailed for her vagina boat being held in 3D printed cell of her lady parts.

Big shakeup at Marvel Comics–Thor is now a woman and looks marvelous! Who knew what Thor’s secret weapons really were?
Captain America now Captain African-America–long overdue!
And Spidey hangs it up–actually living with a fly! Well, Jeff Goldblum.

Baseball commissioner and Milwaukeean Bud Selig will leave the post and go back to selling 1960 Ford Galaxy’s and 500’s.

Oklahoma says, same sex marriage, OK!

Amazon rolls out a service that, for 10 bucks a month, lets you read the books you already have.

Kia recalls 50,000 Souls. More on this on Sunday.

Barbie sales so far down she’s thinking of having a little work done.
See if she can raise them up again. The sales.
Real problem is with all that’s out there Barbie’s no longer the impossible dream for girls.

New Airbus jet liner so long it can taxi to its destination.

Google smart contact lens yells “help me! help me” after falling to carpet.

After Fiat merger with VW, just need Toyota for Axis Motors.

Harvard study finds early birds do not, in fact, get worms.

GM goes around ignition problem by returning to cranks.

NASA opens rocket competition to the average guy, which results in basements across America blowing up–garages on the west coast.

Here in Wisconsin, Governor President Walker calls for rolling back edjukayshun standards . . .

That’s All the News That Isn’t . . . thor-001

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