Pope Saves Kia Soul and All the News That Isn’t

All the News That Isn’tindex

Don’t eat salt, eat salt, it’s enough to make you cry–and that’s more salt!

In South Korea, Pope Francis saves his first Kia Soul.

Apple is storing its data in China in the iKungPao cloud.

In the taxi app wars, Berlin bans Uber und Alles.

After a 10 year and 4 billion mile journey to see one, turns out comets look a heckuva lot better from a distance. Big misshapen potato.

Bird fossil big as a very large man Penguinis lebronus found in Antarctica.

Russian hackers may have gotten my password–being followed by a Leo Tolstoy on twitter @countleo.

Johnny Manziel and Justin Bieber neck and neck for the Browns quarterback job.

VW recalls 150,000 cars making an achtung noise.

Mummies and Joan Rivers much older than they look due to being very well preserved.

Ice water now thought to cause ALS.

Wicked witch of the west dies from taking ALS ice water challenge.

Geneticists have edited the banana genome to have as many as 12 a’s and 8 n’s.

Aid convoy arrives at Ukraine border with load of used Russians.

In Ferguson, MO, first time anyone’s been happy to see the state patrol.

Here in Wisconsin, the city of Neenah reassures that its armored military vehicles will only be used against Menasha.

Sea World will upgrade Killer Whale habitats or else.

A thousand mini-robots who swarm together begin filling state jobs.

Texas governor Rick Perry indicted for wearing lensless glasses.

Abuse of power is a synonym for Governor of Texas.
Savannah Guthrie and I are happy to announce the arrival of 8 1/2 pound Vale Guthrie Feldman–I’ve already started her college fund.

That’s All the News That Isn’t

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