Seth Rogen Must be High and All the News That Isn’t


This close to a land bridge out over the frozen Great Lakes, but then you end up in Michigan.

Experts say the Weather Channel naming storms has prolonged the winter.

If this one’s Titan I’m Uranus.

Winter storm Uranus–staying indoors for that one.

This winter made me glad I didn’t fix that leaky sink. Who knows when I’d get to broken pipes.

Any winter that makes you feel like a hero for getting the paper is not entirely bad.

Arizona’s Jan Brewer couldn’t have surprised me more if she ran off with her sorority sister.

Arizona gay friendly, Texas gay marriage friendly–must be the dawning of The Age of Aquarius.

Phoenix again a possibility for the Republican convention now that it’s Log Cabin Republican friendly.

Now comes the real Russian Winter Games.

It’s taken all this time to get the stains out of the Clinton documents. And Hillary has tried everything.

Get a female CEO at GM, whad’ya get?  Recalls with an apology. Nice little handwritten note on a World Wildlife Federation card “Sorry about your ignition.”

Tea Party 5 years old, and you know how they can be.

Chris Christie’s lane to the Republican nomination closed.

Paula Deen on the March 10 cover of Colored People Magazine.

NASA discovers 4 new planets which might support life, unfortunately, earth not among them.

3 parent in-vitro embryos are a good way of spreading the genetic blame around.

Only 2 senators came to Seth Rogen’s Alzheimer’s presentation–the rest spaced it out entirely. Rented Knocked Up without knowing why.

British spy agency catches millions of Yahoo chat users with their Monty Pythons out.

Latest thing–wash and wearable tech.

I only do wearable low tech–umbrella hats, beer hats, spring shoes, eyeglass suspenders.

Need to kickstart me some wearable tech. There, do I sound now now?

Mormons say believers do not get their own planets in the afterlife, so I guess it’s Episcopalian for me. Because they do.

Europe’s Ryan Air says they will fly to the US for $14, but passengers must be in urns.

Juan Pablo.

Ok, so the Brewers will have Hank the Dog and 6 guys running around the field dressed like sausages?

That’s All the News That Isn’t . . .



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