An Uncertain Age

                                 You Are of an Uncertain Age If:



*You refer to at least one object around the house as a “hoo-hah.”

*You are way past tired of having your every ‘ice box,’ ‘clicker,’ ‘tennis shoe’ and ‘tv dinner’ mocked.

*You never have to wonder where your keys are, they ‘re in the door.

*Your dog is way too important to you.

*You think One Direction is a tampon.

*It sometimes comes out Afro-American.

*You replace every bulb with a 20 year life LED so you’ll never have to change another bulb again.

*This is the first day of what’s left of your life.

*You keep checking your land line.

*Losing 5 pounds is statistically insignificant.

*When you get the senior discount without asking for it it no longer bothers you.

*Your children tell you to grow up.

*You mix up millennials and perennials.

*You are in at least format 4 in music and movies.

*You pray there is no afterlife.


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One Comment on “An Uncertain Age”

  1. mike m Says:

    Yes, the senior discout no longer bothers me. In fact, I feel slighted if I do not get it!


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