Packers Def Con 3 QB & All the News That Isn’t


Presidential spokesman Elmer Fudd says “Sowwy!”

President apologizes, 60 minutes apologizes–wife has to be next.

But that there feller Ted Cruz sure nuff ain’t sorry fer nuthin.

Only confirms my long-held belief it’s always the wrong people who apologize.

Those health exchanges are confusing though–what are you supposed to exchange your health for?

Newly discovered knee ligament hurts already. Thinking of getting an artificial newly discovered knee ligament.

When the crack smoking mayor of Toronto goes to AA meetings he says, “Hi, I’m Rob and I’m a mayor.”

The mayor isn’t getting the dramatic weight loss he had hoped for.

Personally, I think it’s courageous a politician finally admits he’s on crack.

Senator Rand Paul issues a statement on the charges of plagiarism “When in the course of human events . . . ”

One of those guys in high school who copies your paper and doesn’t bother to change a word.

Google has all our data in a barge in San Francisco harbor, where NSA seals leap like porpoises.

Miami Dolphin linebacker Jonathan Martin intellectually bullied teammate Richie Incognito with references way over his head.

Doughnuts are the Alamo of trans fats.

They will have to pry the trans fats out of my cold chubby hands.

NSA offering unlimited data plan. And they never drop a call.

Obamacare renamed Blue Cross/Blue in the Face.

India’s first Mars spacecraft is a nonfunctional hammered brass pitcher.

Chris Christie rolls to victory in New Jersey.

Christie has his eye on the Taft bathtub in the White House.

Speaking more than one language allows for multilingual dementia, where you talk to yourself and have no idea what you’re saying.

Not so sure the Olympic torch is a good idea in the Space Station.

Strange baffling object in asteroid belt got nothing on what you see around here.

Mayans now thought have 3D printed Chichen-Itza.

On first day of twading Twitter raises a disappointing $140.

Woman charged with harassing Alec Baldwin gets get out of jail free card.

And the injury plagued Green Bay Packers secret emergency Def Con 3 quarterback is Terry Bradshaw . . . .

That’s All the News That Isn’t . . .


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