Dell Orange Tabby & BYOnsJdCEAAi9as All The News That Isn’t

Dell odor problem traced to inspector 24, an orange tabby.

Only 6 people managed to sign up on first day of Obamacare, but they got coverage up and including the wazoo: dental, mental, eyes, ears, nose & throat, male and/or female trouble, deep massage, homeopathy including unlimited bee poop, plus an array of alternative treatments including reflexology, tremoring, Zumba and psychic surgery.

The moral of Obamacare is don’t mess with any industry–like insurance–that can ordain acts of God.

Look on the good side–at least he didn’t mess with our Homeowners.

President Obama: damned if you don’t and damned if you don’t.

Presidents ought to do second term first and get it out of the way.

Trailer-sized asteroid passing between earth and moon–where’s the hitch?

NSA says it will only collect your data if you’re a passerby of a third cousin of a person of interest.

What you’ve got to admire about the NSA is a very democratic notion of person of interest.

If NSA and NRA merge–that’s ballgame.

Turns out much of the intel collected from the French is irregular verbs.

Merkel tap was huge mistake actually intended for Urkel.

The irony that the NSA tapped everybody but William Snowden has not been lost on them.

As consolation prize, St. Louis Cardinals get Conrad Murray as team doctor.

New frog species found in Queensland makes love while singing “Hello, My Baby.”

Bra that tweets gets huge number of re-tweets.

GoogleGlass 2 comes with nose and eyebrows.

Court rules “I Boobies” bracelets are protected speech if you’re not a 47 year old man.

Saudi Arabian women may now back seat drive from the front seat.

Due to bacterial concerns, the rule of thumb with mother’s milk: know the breast.

Jonas Brothers broken up by Ono Sisters.

Leaker Edward Snowden gets job selling Oakley Thermonuclear sunglasses in a suburban Moscow Mall.

Snowden also has a job in tech support and has learned to say “Is it plugged in?” in Russian.

President Obama reportedly considered dropping Biden for Hillary and Michelle for Beyoncé.

Under relaxed airline rules flight attendants have discretion whether or not vibrators are electronic devices…

…That’s All the News That Isn’t

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