Feldman v Feldman Self Debate 1

Feldman v Feldman
Self Debate 1

m. What about hope and change.
M. Had to change that. Now it’s hope for change, you know, correct change.
m. Your policies have not worked.
M. No, and they’ve all gone up besides. when is that Feldmancare supposed to kick in? I mean, are these not pre-existing conditions? I ask you.
m. the national debt has gazuppled since you last even bothered to look at the debt clock.
M. Non causa pro causa. that’s Latin, you know. think it means buyer beware.
listen we are very much in your national debt. if we divide it by all the humans that have ever lived its very manageable.
m. social security is bankrupting our children who already owe the Chinese a ton of renminbis.
M. Renminbis? Yuan kidding me? Pay in all the fake money they burn for the ancestors–they’ll never know the difference. I firmly believe children should bankrupt their parents and not the other way around. As the great philosopher Ole once said, “what da heck?”
m. folksy, huh. are you even aware of the biggest issues facing your constituents, that is if you had any?
M. Asian carp invasion. they’ve been sighted as near as South Beloit, although it may have been a regular carp or a box elder branch come over from Muskegon. anyway, it’s a real concern. I’d like to see federal funds for a major gefilte fish effort to clean it up and bottle it.
m. would you not like to see more done for the middle class?
M. Yes, but I think it’s sad you never hear about the rich and poor anymore. They have needs too. No sandwich without the two slices of bread.
m. What about energy independence?
M. Ach, don’t have the energy for it. would like to see a lump of clean coal in every stocking this Christmas.
m. And the environment?
M. Where would we be without it?

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