99 degrees on the wall 99 degrees on the wall . . .
With nearly 60% of country in drought conservatives will only go so far as global pretty darn hot.
Cubs trade only pitcher, will use machine.
Mitt warned about playfully knocking off skull caps in Jerusalem.
They refused delivery of the Bobby Bowden statue at Penn State.
The Help 2: Hard to Get.
The fired Burger King worker says he was not standing in, he was nestled on a bin of lettuce.
Penn State to pour remaining resources into hacky sack.
They’re now bleeding black & blue & white.
Penn state has been limited to the Longest Yard Bowl.
Christie image appears in large burl on New Jersey ginkgo.
Portland International now a strip destination for a lot of travelers.
Assad thrown out of Arab bowling league.
Luxury cars fleeing Syria.
Ernie Els comes in 2nd to win the British Open.
Paterno statue arrives in Baghdad.
Meanwhile, Joe Arpaio’s Tijuana birth certificate turns up on Pawn Stars.
In moving the statue they discovered it was Joe Paterno.
Military now allowed to celebrate Gay Pride: the Few, the Gay Proud, the Marines.
Decoded sperm genome found to have one thing on its mind.
A majority of Americans say they’d like to have Romney’s tax return.
Morgan Freeman’s million dollar check to Obama PAC returned when found to be signed by God, and
Ann Romney finally lets a “you people” slip—-
That’s All the News That Isn’t . . .

paterno statue removed

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