The Twelves

The Twelves
For Purposes of Comparison

1912: Titanic
1812: War of
1712: Steam engine
1612: Galileo discovers Neptune
1512: Martin Luther gets doctorate
1412: Medici & Sons get Papal banking franchise
1312: Italian Lancelotto Malocello discovers Canary Islands likes them so much he stays
1212: Led by 12 year old the Children’s Crusade heads from France to Holy Land
1112: Ramon Berenguer, Count of Barcelona, receives Provence as part of his bride Douce’s dowry
1012: Gregory VI becomes Anti Pope to Benedict VIII’s Pope
912: Town and gown rivalry in Oxford first noted in Anglo-Saxon Chronicles
812: Chinese issue paper money
712: Beowulf composed if not observed
612: Heyday of the Lombards, having conquered everything from Austria to Sicily
512: Mt. Vesuvius erupts yet again but nothing like 79 AD
412: Visigoths settle in south of Gaul much to the gall of Emperor Jovinus
312: All Constantine “in hoc signo vinces” all the time
212: Caracalla builds his Roman baths, languishes
112: Hadrian steps up to the plate in Athens
12: Ovid completes book 6 on Roman Festivals and is done with it

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