Michael Feldman’s 2011: 12 Months 12 Jokes

2011: 12 Months 12 Jokes

January: President Obama says the economy’s in great shape, so if you’re broke it’s your own fault.

February: Wisconsin Governor Walker pranked by someone claiming to be the Ghost of Christmas Past.

March: Huge rally at Capitol marks the first time 100,000 people have gathered in Wisconsin without Bucky Badger doing touchdown pushups.

April: Congressman Paul Ryan introduces The Path to Prosperity, formerly known as The Road to Ruin.

May: In Hangover III, they wake up on the floor of Congress.

June: Suspicious package at Capitol
surprisingly not Weiner’s.

July: Negotiators agree to not raise the debt ceiling but lower the debt floor.

August: TSA airport security will now tuck a dollar in your waistband before the patdown.

September: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell reverts to marital use.

October: Steve Job’s remains left in a Mexican restaurant in Palo Alto.
November: A fifth woman says Herman Cain did the Fred Sanford chest- clutching routine endlessly.
December: After pulling one out in the final seconds, Obama takes a Tebow.

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