all the tweets that isn’t 10-21-11

all tweets that isnt for 10-21-11
@myfeldman Michael Feldman

kadaffi shot by zanesville sheriff

arab spring for culvert

cain says if he was in charge khadafy would’ve got delivered

guess we all pulled the trigger, didn’t we?

I think he would have appreciated the shopping center freezer

the 3 skull & crossbones on air force 1 going a little far

obamas 3 kills are going to be tough to beat

kim jong il slips in the tub & its 4 more years for pres obama

died before we could agree on a spelling

kadhafi to join bin laden in bikini bottom

rapture today rain date sunday

someone ought to take harold campings teeth

maybe he said rupture & not rapture

well I feel something but that can’t be it

photo id needed for rapture

hope the rapture does come-got my eye on a few places around here

occupy npr

this keeps up npr will simulcast on fox

figures the second coming would be beavis & butthead

pres says US & Iraq to see other nation states

hard to believe its time for another halloween riot here in madison

this year, what-occupy halloween?

iowa sees romney as tits on a boar

zanesville looking to make shoot annual event

androcles & lion has new ending in ohio

didn’t see any peta paratroopers

lions advised to take state route 60 bypass at zanesville

groupon 540 million filing cash value 1/20 of a cent

nato turns attention to burlusconi

cyclops shark has for shit depth perception

cellphones don’t cause cancer just stupidity

jobs last words ice cream sandwich

nba talks snag on admitting flint tropics to league

obama will now try for teachers aides & 2nd responders

super committee turns out tb roomful of custodians

super committee has until thanksgiving or the turkey gets it

kryptonite found in super committee room

millionaires get 20% cost of livin large hike

siri uses what you say against you

cain says he likes saltwater kataffy

cain says it looks like kaddafadaffadaffi

interesting to see who bids on the kevorkian machine

people with too much grey matter accept every friend request

leave lindsay alohan!

Greek general strike business as usual

cain says rent is too damn high

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