all tweets isnt for 11-2-11

obama rising or are republicans sinking?

mafia upset over being compared to NCAA

NRA–the restaurant, not the rifle people–not that many unwanted advances among the rifle people

new WI castle law allows king to shoot peasants

hard to figure how all the republicans could be losing

cain: depends what you mean by harass

if kim wasn’t sure she shouldn’t have put us through all this

supercommittee to deep fry turkey in 55 gallon drum for thanksgiving

Jesus asks what would tim tebow do?

cain: it was a german girl who said nein nein nein

apocalypse will occur with wisconsin badgers on the road

beavis & butthead return to find they’re mainstream

chinese cyber attacks: half hour later you feel like another

joe the plumber pledges to snake America

strippers resist dollar coins

they can assassinate an archduke but can they work out a little debt?

israel tests new missile the mishugasadinejad

corzine needs to shave his rally beard

dodgers sold to hiroshima carp

i’m packing and i’m happy to see you . . .

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