Feldman Doctrine

The Feldman Doctrine

1. Enough with the family vacations–war always breaks out.

2. Don’t start with the Libyans.

3. The tea party is filled with watercress eaters.

4. Walk a mile in your neighbor’s moccasins but wear a thin cotton sock.

5. Next we’ll have to pay banks to keep our money and maybe throw in a socket wrench or stadium blanket.

6. I believe in One World I just don’t believe it’s this one.

7. Things started going to hell when everybody started misusing “literally.”

8. Twitter is more popular than Jesus. Just kidding. But I doubt Mathew could confine himself to 140 characters.

9. We spend too much time thinking about the perfect electronic device and too little thinking about the perfect accessories.

10. The wisdom that comes with age also goes with it.

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