All the Tweets That Isn’t for April 1

myfeldman Michael Feldman
Rebecca Black to cover Clint Black.

Walker OK’s trains with proviso they go same speed as in 1931.
Katie’s great but I’d pay to see Michele Bachmann’s colonoscopy.
Artificial dye is safe to eat and possibly even good for you.
Tea partiers calm down! Remember your pressure!
Finger food flying at Tea Party.
Tea partiers hold Republicans feet to the pot.
US afraid of getting dragged into a Khadafy pull.
Gates ranks right behind “Give me Liberty” in great quotes: “Somebody else can do that.”
I take back what I said about leadership as I watch President Obama tell the national clean fleets partnership how he feels.
Unemployment down stock market up–looks like an Obama perfect storm.
They call the wind Obama.
Libyan rebels offer a truce because Misurata loves company.
Kochs going back to using the family name: Himmler.
Walker comes dangerously close to self-doubt.
Thia Megia not related to Mussa Kussa.
Libyan rebels will not be armed but I’ve just saved a ton on my car insurance.
Gates juggles 2 balls.
With the fall of Michigan, the Mason-Dixon line’s all the way up to the UP.
With Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio the South has risen again–in the North.
Let’s think outside the Beltway.
Shutdown? Shut up!
If not a shutdown how about a time out?
If you kids don’t settle down you can forget about your franking privileges.
Might be a good thing to power it down even if they do agree. Maintenance.
Tea Partiers say will hold breath until dead & then u be sorry.
Boehner settles for crap sandwich hold the mayo.
Turns out the foreign minister was all moussa koussa with the US.
In a pickup game Gates would get picked last.
Sign of shutdown: Monica seen getting nails done on K street.
Stay on anti-union law biggest setback for Governor Walker since Marquette suggested he think about correspondence school.
Bonds: Botox in Buttocks.
Nothing good has come out of the presidency since they stopped calling us my fellow Americans.
Donald Trump picking his pants and smelling it.
Scott Walker backs down ruins image.
Most important for Mr. Obama in event of a shutdown is take no interns.
Kind of stimulating to think that in a week things could be running themselves.
Honey, do you know a Moussa Koussa on a toll-free call?
Tea party freshmen clear Barnes & Noble of Robert’s Rules of Order.
Republican nominating convention to be held in Lilliput.

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