2010: 12 months 12 jokes

2010: 12 Months, 12 Jokes

January: Undies bomber had apparently found a way to combine miniature pretzels and 3 ounces of Diet Coke to make an explosive device.
February: Scientists discover Neanderthal teeth in very old glass on nightstand in Poland.
March: Chinese manage to hack Internet without being allowed on it.
April: Hacker on trial says he just guessed Sarah Palin’s password was “ubetcha.”
May: Thank God it wasn’t Yiddish Petroleum–we have enough trouble as it is.
June: South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford returns from another unannounced absence with rose still in his teeth.
July: Israel to allow Seder plates, halvah, and Streisand DVD’s into Gaza.
August: White House says President Obama is a Christian who prays daily, albeit on a little rug.
September: Missing Kennedy-Nixon ballots turn up in Kabul.
October: Kim Jong Il successor L’il Kim.
November: Qantas grounds planes after koala falls off fuselage.
December: President Obama forced to do Blazing Saddles sheriff routine to get away from a hostile crowd of Democrats.
. . . That’s All The 2010 News That Wasn’t . . .

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