WikiThis: All the Leaks That Aren’t

WikiThis: Saudis tell US to take out Iran, say the Jews did it.

WikiThis: Saudis sought to trademark burnoose.
WikiThis: Tea Party front for Lipton’s.
WikiThis: Tony Blair, W’s handpuppet, now lies limp in trunk in Westminster.
WikiThis: Lady GaGa on No Ga list.

WikiThis: Elvis ran Middle East Bureau until untimely death, throwing region into chaos.

WikiThis: Putin can see Palin from dacha veranda.

WikiThis: British royal spends much time on throne.

WikiThis: There are men who wear rouge.

WikiThis: Eat Chinese and a half-hour later you’re hungry again.
WikiThis: Iran’s Ahmadinejad big George Michael fan.

WikiThis: Angela Merkel’s rendition of Danke Schoen laughable.
WikiThis: Barbara Walters would not be any kind of tree.
WikiThis: Embassy Suites really CIA operation.
WikiThis: Sarah Palin believed to be Manchurian Candidate.
WikiThis: Cuban cigars regularly smuggled in diplomatic pouches.
WikiThis: Chamber of Commerce deemed terrorist group.
WikiThis: Israeli documents reveal Jewish state considered going Unitarian.

WikiThis: State department informer notes Hillary gone up a size in pants suit.

WikiThis: Saudi King Abdullah admits family name was Bronstein back in Romania.

WikiThis: Libya’s Khadaffi travels under the name of Quackenbush with a voluptuous Ukranian nurse.

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