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5 Things Wrong with Sochi 2014

February 14, 2014


                         5 Things Wrong with Sochi 2014

1. A lot of these events, biathlon, skeleton, bandy, are clearly made up or something only Russians would do. Buzkashi, goat head polo, surprisingly, is not among them, although that’s more of a summer thing. Around here shooting a .22 on skis doesn’t even happen up north.

2. Scandinavian nations, and they know who they are, have a huge insurmountable advantage because these events are how they commute.

3. Without (even a pink-eyed) Bob Costas none of the results can be considered official, and have to go into the record books asterisked. When it comes to Olympic Winter Sports Matt Lauer is a triple klutz.

4. Who told Olympic officials snowboarding down railings was OK? It’s not and, anyway, the kind of thing you see every day on the rails of the Federal Building downtown is hardly Olympian.

5. Despite, or perhaps because of, the games being in Russia, it would have been nice to introduce same-sex free skating pairs, once the issue of who lifts is resolved, but only with the proviso that neither of the skaters be Will Ferrell.